Simplifying Giving to have a Greater Impact

Phil and Mary Hug set an example of
 philanthropy for their children by establishing a private family foundation. Their foundation was very effective in awarding grants for many years, but as their children married and moved away from the area it became more difficult to gather everyone to discuss and evaluate grant requests. In 2012 Phil and Mary decided to terminate their private foundation and transfer the assets to a donor advised fund of the RCCF. They view this as a win-win situation in that they continue to advise the grant making from the fund, just as they did with their private foundation, but without having to worry about legal requirements and tax filings.

Phil and Mary are also pleased that their fund is invested with Spider Management. They are assured that important needs of the community will be met after their deaths, and RCCF will bring its a-team to the table for a rigorous grant decision process. The Hug Family Foundation Fund will perpetuate Phil and Mary’s family values of giving back to the community through helping future generations of area children.

Phil’s career in banking with Central Fidelity in Richmond exposed him to many aspects of the community and provided numerous opportunities for him and Mary to focus on the needs of children. While in Richmond they worked with the Children’s Alliance, United Way, Meals on Wheels, Chimbarazo School, and the YMCA.

After moving to Lancaster County in 2001 they immediately became active community volunteers. They are supporters of the Tea for Two program at the Lancaster Elementary School and Phil serves on the Northern Neck Boys and Girls Club board of directors.

Phil and Mary have spent a decade breeding, raising and training horses for western pleasure and reining events where Phil won numerous national and world championships with their prize horse, Ginger. Now their passion is making a difference in our community and River Counties Community Foundation makes it possible.


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