River Counties COVID-19 Response Fund


The River Counties Community Foundation is constantly monitoring the evolving situation concerning the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and its potential impacts on our region. It is at times like this when our community must come together to support the most vulnerable among us. RCCF stands ready to assist our nonprofit partners who are working on the front lines of this pandemic, ensuring our children are fed, the health needs of our elders are met, and the men and women who make up this strong and vibrant community are supported in their times of greatest need. 

It is in this spirit of service and support that we have established the River Counties COVID-19 Response Fund to support those of our nonprofit partners who are addressing the most critical needs of our community, as well as those who will be crucial to the ongoing support and long-term recovery of our area. We urge you to join us, in whatever capacity you are able, to respond to the needs of our friends and neighbors.

We anticipate the needs will be many, and while RCCF is positioned well to respond with grant funding, we know it will take the entire community coming together to provide the resources necessary to face this challenge head on. If you are a current fund donor, you may make a contribution through your Fund Advisor Portal profile. Community members or other private funders may make your contribution by clicking the link below:


If you are a representative of a nonprofit working with vulnerable populations affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and you are interested in applying for emergency funding to support your work, please review the fund FAQs, then click the button below to log into our online grants portal and look for the 2020 River Counties COVID-19 Grant Application:

Apply Here


Together, we do more good.