2016 Together.Stronger. Initiative Underway

River Counties Community Foundation (RCCF) invested more than $440,000 in local nonprofits in 2016, an increase of 34% from 2015, according to RCCF Chair Susan Pittman.

This significant increase in competitive grants is due, in part, to the success of its vital local fundraising effort named Together.Stronger, now in its third year, Pittman said.  

RCCF is now celebrating its 20th year of service.  Just 20 years ago, RCCF invested $1,500 in its first year of grantmaking.  The entire community should take great pride in the philanthropy this growth reflects.  Despite the very significant growth in the funds supporting local nonprofits, our needs continue to exceed our ability to fully support requests.

Our campaign, Together.Stronger. is a direct response a shortfall between needs and funds available, Pittman said.

The primary purpose of the annual fundraising drive is to highlight the importance of philanthropy in the community and to provide a way to gain broad participation. Many residents have strong philanthropic instincts but may not know for sure just how to follow them.  The results in the first two years has been amazing and gratifying, Pittman added.

RCCF is positioned in the region to carry out effective and efficient grantmaking across Lancaster, Northumberland and Middlesex counties.  In partnership with The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia, all grantees are vetted through a due diligence process ensuring that grants are made to sustainable, well-managed, and fiscally-sound organizations.  

Prior to the Together.Stronger. initiative, funding for competitive grants had come primarily from endowment funds often with specific geographical and charitable purposes. 

By increasing the unrestricted funds through this annual campaign, RCCF is better able to respond to new and changing community needs. With a professional staff, an informed and engaged Board, and a strong grants vetting process, RCCF is truly positioned to make an impact, Pittman continued.  

Donations to Together.Stronger. can be made online at or by mail at RCCF, PO Box 222, Kilmarnock, VA 22482.  

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