Educational Success

Educational attainment is a key predictor for future success. We invest in strategies proven to have the most influence on students' long-term educational advancement and career preparation including early childhood education and school readiness, supportive school environments, out-of-school enrichment and positive behavioral developments. For students who do not pursue a traditional path to college, we recognize a need for innovative workforce programs that cultivate job and life skills and provide young people access to career opportunities.

Our Goals:

  • Children enter school ready to learn and receive effective academic and social support throughout their educational experience.
  • Youth are nurtured to become skilled, self-sufficient and contributing members of the community.

YMCA Preschool

Recent Grants

Summer 2021

Total Amount Awarded: $328,430

Boys and Girls Club of the Northern Neck - six months of teen programs that support academic success, promote healthy lifestyles and instill good character and citizenship through The Boys & Girls Club of the Northern Neck.

Colonial Seaport Foundation - Sloop Luna's remote access for students and community interaction through online access. This Grant will also provide a video data opportunity for education programs as well as a regional tourism marketing tool.

GRASP (Great Aspirations Scholarship Program, Inc.) - financial aid advising and post-secondary education planning and guidance for high school students in Lancaster and Northumberland counties.

Jacob's Ladder - 5 middle school children to attend Jacob's Ladder summer residential enrichment camp with continued year-round advocacy through middle school extending to high school for college and career preparation. 

Lancaster Community Library - the purchase of a new mobile library, which will enable continuance of Storymobile services that began in 1991, while adding library services such as WiFi that are necessary for citizens in the twenty first century.

Lancaster County Virginia Education Foundation - the 2020-2021 LCPS COVID-19 Recovery Program which will provide much-needed remediation to an estimated 30-plus percent of students who have fallen behind in their learning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Middlesex County Public Library - children's literacy and enthusiasm for reading over the summer months by providing engaging and age-appropriate educational opportunities, and to provide a multi-functional outdoor space to meet the educational and entertainment needs of all ages.

Middlesex County Public Schools - the continued implementation and enhancement of an alternative pathway to graduation, deeper learning and engaged community involvement for secondary students enrolled in the Middlesex County Public Schools.

Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA - 191 children, ages 3-12, in a summer enrichment day camp program, June 14-August 27, 2021, in Northumberland, Middlesex and Lancaster Counties; and 36 children, ages 3 -4, in the Year-Round Preschool Program at the Wiley Child Development Center. 

Rappahannock Community College Educational Foundation - a High School Navigator at Northumberland High School.  Through college and career guidance, the Navigator will promote secondary school completion, post-secondary attainment, and success in post-secondary education.

Virginia Cooperative Extension, Gloucester County 4-H Youth Development - the cost of enrichment classes and to provide scholarships for limited resource households, for Middlesex 4-H campers attending summer camp at the Jamestown 4-H Center.