Economic Prosperity

River Counties Community Foundation supports programs designed to increase economic prosperity in our area, including safe and affordable housing, effective workforce development and financial literacy programs. Underscoring the importance of these services is the cycle of poverty that impacts pockets of our region.

Our priority is to support systems and initiatives that empower individuals and families to secure stable housing, build skills and seek resources that help them achieve good health, successful educational outcomes and economic potential.

Our goals:

  • Residents have opportunities to access and maintain safe and affordable housing in thriving, sustainable communities.
  • Residents are able to build the knowledge, skills and resources they need to attain financial independence and pursue career opportunities.

Habitat for Humanity Middlesex

Recent Grants

Summer 2023

Total Amount Awarded: $120,000

Gloucester United Emergency Shelter Team

Habitat for Humanity of Middlesex

Hands Across Middlesex Interfaith Outreach

Lancaster & Northumberland Interfaith Service Council

Legal Aid Works

Linking Hope and Help

Middlesex Department of Social Services