Cultural Vibrancy

A thriving community promotes and celebrates its creative spirit. As we seek to support a rich tapestry of arts and cultural organizations, we are rewarded with new storytelling techniques, opportunities for self-expression and a common language that bridges age, race and social status. Robust community-based programming and abundant cultural experiences also create educational and economic impact for our region.

Our Goals:

  • Community members receive enrichment and education through a diverse offering of arts and cultural activities in their communities and schools.
  • Historic and cultural assets are preserved to enrich current and future generations

The Court House Players

Recent Grants

Spring 2018

Foundation for Historic Christ Church - $8,000 for the design, fabrication and installation of a model King Post Roof Truss, a hands-on, STEM-based interactive exhibition.

Steamboat Era Museum -$10,000 to tell one African American family’s Steamboat Era story through “Against the Tide,” on an interactive touchscreen kiosk.

Northern Neck Orchestra - $5,000 to support a symphony concert at St Clare Walker Middle School in March, 2019.

Rappahannock Concert Association - $5,000 to support the formation and implementation of a strings instruction program for Northern Neck elementary students, aged 6-11.

Rappahannock Foundation for the Arts - $4,400 to support six performing arts programs for K-8 Lancaster Primary & Middle School students to promote learning through drama, music, and dance.

Rice's Hotel / Hughlett's Tavern Foundation - $3,500 to codify the processes that would have been used in pre-industrial America to obtain and/or create the items that were needed in the lives of the common people.

The Court House Players - $1,000 to enhance community involvement in children's theater by providing opportunities for children aged 5-18 to participate in a week long summer theater program and full musical.